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Conservative Like Me

Apr 18, 2022

We don't want to say we don't you so, but we said inflation and the cost of living would be a real challenge come spring 2022. Well, spring has sprung. In an episode for everyone, we walk you through the economic challenges now--and ahead.

Aug 16, 2021

What would it take for Erin O’Toole Conservative Party to win the election? This is our answer.

Episode Rundown:

3:11  Reality therapy on both sides – (a.k.a WTF is going on?!?)

29:24 The 10 political ideas that get you there

1:02:45  Selling the CPC brand to Canadians

Jun 9, 2021

Bill 96, currently tabled in the National Assembly, calls for Quebec to achieve nationhood—forever changing the makeup of Canada and how we define national unity. This will create unchecked power for one province over the others. All party leaders are on board—and of course they are—you can’t win an election...

Apr 9, 2021

We covered Alberta in our first season.
Nothing changed.
We decided to try it again with feeling.

Apr 9, 2021

Here something you might not know: if the current conservative leader is elected as Prime Minister, he’ll be the first since Lester Pearson with military experience. In this pod, we talk about the fate of our Canadian Armed Forces, the possibility of a National Guard model, and fighting wars in the digital space....